All About Me
Come on, you know you love me ;P
Well, I thought I'd do this a little different than normal. So...instead of ME listing all my virtues...I'm letting my friends do it. I've gone through my files to find things that you all have said about me and posted them up here. BTW, remarks in blue are my thoughts on the subject.  Go on and learn all about why Subway is a key word...why Skittles is a major force in my life...and which friend I love to pick on the most. Don't hesitate to email me if you feel something is missing...
Would you rather kiss Lissa or shoot her for making this?
-If I had to I'd shoot lissa with a b.b gun or something...on her foot or somewhere equally as painless...(Painless? :s)
Nice or mean?:
-nice...maybe a lil mean...if you look at her in a S&M way lol..(hey S&M? That was all in your imagination, Fabian.)
What animal am I most like?:
-uhhh...honestly, I don't think of you as an animal. lol. I really can't answer's just too strange.

-honestly, and I'm not just saying this...a horse--because you're intelligent, trustworthy, a great friend and companion, and composed (most times, lol)
A psycho?:
-LOL...yeah a bit LOL j/k...nah not really...quite sane in the absence of skittles lol
When you first saw me what was your impression?:
-I think she was in the "great debate" too regarding m&ms vs smarties,...that and some stuff bout ears which I would like to (Fabian...psst...EARS!!!!)

-she's a very calm one in this craziness
Name: Melissa Lynn
June 10, 1982
Hair color:
Eye color: again, brown
Lakewood, WA
Thank you's
What is your favorite thing to do with me?:
-Read your stories and listen to you chat when you haven't had any sleep lol

-pick on Fabian

-chatting bout stuff...theories...hehe those thoeries are funny....reading scripts....especially the comic strip on her rocks!
What's your funniest memory of me?:
-lol....the subway sandwich with nothing except for just bread + turkey or something hehe LOL
(What is so freaking funny about this???!!!)
-LMAO one word: Subway

-picking on Fabian about his not understanding what "proposition" meant.  Love that chat
Am I shy/quiet or outgoing?:
-I'd say you're shy around people you don't know...but you eventually open up.  a little alcohol and skittles don't hurt either

-quiet, but always has something to say that gets everyone's attention

-quiet...even a lil mouse will squeak louder lol..thats lissa...shy and quiet.

-i'd say quiet-ish most times...and loud when you're hyper or drunk.  lol
(what's up with the insinuations about drinking?) can be outgoing though when you haven't had sleep lol
What's one of my favorite things to do?:  
-Write, read, chat, eat strawberries, skittles or rice.
-you WRITE like a great...finish a story!!!  and you sing, duh.  you can feed a horse.  I've never fed a horse in my life.  you can probably ride one too (lol)
-well it used to be script writting...then it was this other story....hmm then she had this journal/editor thing....and i luv those comic strips hehe funny...and i think she likes to read romance books...and she luvs to talk bout em with layla...not to mention dc...
What song (if any) reminds you of me?:
-"What Would Happen If We Kiss" I hear it I hear you going "e-lec-tric-ity"

-"What Matters" by Edwin McCain :-)

-Amanda Kravat- "Beautifully Complicated"
Do I believe in threesomes:
(all I have to say is that this is an evil question and I am sorely misrepresented by my dear friends here...I think..)'re a's possible...

-if I answer that she might kill me comment LOL
Name one way that I have changed your life or made an impact in it:
-cos shes so super quiet+ shy...up there with meagz...talking to her made me super analytical....well it brushed up my analytical skills like sussing out/attempt at mind reading skills...i dont know if thats a good thing or bad...but it works for me :)
And finally..the question you've all been waiting for...*drumroll*
Who am I in love with?
-I don't know at this point in time.  the Skittles-maker.
In the words of friends:
-You’re quiet and calm and collected and you keep to yourself. And you have moods. Your moods rival those of a pregnant woman.