Thank You
To the people who have helped me, loved me, and made me laugh. I like to call you my friends, old and new.
For saving my sanity time and again. For being a great partner in chaos, for the ear I can always talk to. For the rescue, the support, and being a real friend that I can call at any hour and maybe even get ahold of! For commiserating with me, on many subjects :)

For all the movies, all the phone calls, all the dinners. For being a friend who survived the relationship. For always always my everydays, to my tortured moments, to my life story. You mock me, you encourage me, and in the end, you make me feel better.

For sharing my DC obsession. For laughing, but never refusing to listen to another chapter of the saga that is my dysfunction. For the many hours spent on the phone and on the messageboards with DC and listening to me ramble. You are a real friend that I may just yet meet!

  For opening up my world and for the friendship I can never quite leave behind.  For all the talks, the support, all the music and endless nights online.                                     Take Care

  For all the phone messages and for never refusing to read another story piece. For all the advice I didn't take, all the drama and hilarity and the relentless optimism and enthusiasm. Oh yeah, and for Nora Roberts.

  For your honesty. For all the susness and for being there to talk to no matter what the subject. Miss you girlie!

  For all the analyzing, the dry wit and all that sneaky susness.

  For letting me talk and cry over and over again, for putting up with my moods, for being a friend when I really needed one. For making me laugh, for the wonderful Valentine's Day card, and for loving me.

  For all the hilarity of the bear & the alien. For late night talks, the SCA, and crazy outings to the beach at midnight.

  For complications and letting me voice all of mine.